Verner is a multifaceted environment comprised of retail space, showroom and a gallery that establishes a new international creative forum in Tel Aviv. Verner brings together emerging talents with both young and established designers as well as artists from abroad.

Verner recreates a shopping excursion based on four different perspectives—established designers, emerging designer, one of a kind vintage pieces and antiques from various periods.

Verner was founded in 2009 and among its goals is redefining fashion in Israel by offering a different point of view from what the consumers are accustomed to. Verner is offering high-end luxury pieces, everyday basics, one of a kind Vintage items and antique home decor pieces. All of the merchandise is hand picked by the founder, Shira Dolinger.

Shira has been working as a designer and a buyer in New York for many years. Her dream was to create a "home" for her own personal taste and by doing so, to promote and represent a new perspective in aesthetics.

On January 2011 Daniela Ben Tulila has became a partner at Verner. Daniela has graduated in Law (BA) and graduated her Master's degree in International Studies, and afterwards she has practiced law.

In the following period Daniela's passion and interest of the fashion world have brought her to working in this field, while striving to express your personal taste.

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